Recipes from What's Cooking, Book Three


154 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-458-95780-1





Reviewed by Anne Szalavary

Anne Szalavary was an author in Lethbridge, Alberta.


Ruth Fremes believes in having everything done ahead of time. All ingredients measured and put aside, vegetables chopped, everything on hand to promote a smooth, easy operation called “What’s Cooking With Ruth Fremes.”

Warm, personable, well-travelled, and an excellent cook, Ruth has become one of the nation’s favorite early morning television programs. Attesting to her popularity is this third volume based on her CTV cooking program, containing well-researched, tried-and-true recipes for luncheon and supper dishes as well as soups, salads, and delightfully delicious desserts.

In addition, many celebrities who have been on Ruth’s show have contributed recipes to this tidy volume: Pierre Berton’s favorite Lemon Jelly, a selection of Harvey Kinek’s Barbeque Sauces, and Sandra O’Neill’s Chicken Curry. Chefs from some of Canada’s leading restaurants (as well as a number from the United States) have contributed their expertise. All of these, combined with Ruth’s taste and recipes, form a mouth-watering collection.

Having trouble with metric? Then this is the book for you! Ruth has included in her book a very clear, very precise chart explaining the replacement sizes for metric instead of the equivalents. This automatically makes measuring and amounts fall into place with very little effort. Microwave notes are an added bonus.

Delightfully different and delightfully delicious, this book is a must for every good cook’s book collection.


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