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Title Author Year Publisher
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Bouchard, Michel Marc. 1999 Talonbooks
Bouchard, Michel Marc. 2003 Talonbooks
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Boyd, George. 2000 Blizzard Publishing
Boyd, George. 2004 Talonbooks
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Brebner, Morwyn. 2007 J. Gordon Shillingford
Brennan, Kit. 1999 NuAge Editions
Brennan, Kit. 1998 NuAge Editions
Brennan, Kit. 1996 J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing
Bringhurst, Robert. 2003 Gaspereau Press
Brodie, Leanna. 2002 Talonbooks
Brownell, Mark. 2008 J. Gordon Shillingford
Burdett, Lois, and Christine Coburn. 1994 Black Moss Press
Burdett, Lois. 1995 Black Moss Press
Bushkowsky, Aaron. 1999 Playwrights Canada Press
Campanile, Achille. 1995 Guernica Editions
Canino, Frank. 2000 Guernica Editions
Carley, Dave. 1999 Dundurn Press
Carley, Dave. 1997 Playwrights Canada Press
Carley, Dave. 1993 Playwrights Canada Press
Carley, Dave. 2000 Signature Editions
Carnwath, Drew. 1998 Playwrights Canada Press
Carroll, Lewis. 1994 The Porcupine's Quill