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Title Author Year Publisher
Van Rosendaal, Julie. 2005 One Smart Cookie Inc.
Smith, Michael. 2005 Whitecap Books
Slater, Lisa. 2005 Whitecap Books
2005 Whitecap Books
Salloum, Habeeb. 2005 Canadian Plains Research Center
Rosen, Amy. 2005 Random House of Canada
Rose, Robert. 2005 Robert Rose Inc.
Richards, Emily. 2005 HarperCollins Publishers
Reisman, Rose. 2005 Whitecap Books
Pasparakis, Aristedes, and Byron Ayanoglu. 2005 HarperCollins Publishers
Olson, Anna. 2004 Whitecap Books
Kane, Marion. 2005 Whitecap Books
Joachim, David. 2005 Robert Rose Inc.
Hasson, Julie. 2005 Robert Rose Inc.
Gothe, Jurgen. 2005 Whitecap Books
2005 Douglas & McIntyre
Feenie, Rob. 2005 Douglas & McIntyre
2005 Whitecap Books
Deeds, Meredith, and Carla Snyder. 2005 Robert Rose Inc.
Crowley, Marilyn, and Joan Mackie. 2005 Robert Rose Inc.
Blumer, Bob. 2004 Whitecap Books
Barnaby, Karen. 2004 Whitecap Books
Bager, Jodi, and Jenny Lass. 2005 Whitecap Books
Alford, Jeffrey, and Naomi Duguid. 2005 Random House of Canada
Akis, Eric. 2004 Whitecap Books