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Title Author Year Publisher
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1982 Gage Educational Publishing
Perry, Ross 1982 James Lorimer & Co.
Johnson, Laura C. 1982 Women's Educational Press
1982 Prentice-Hall Canada
Economic Council of Canada 1982 Canadian Government Publishing Centre, Supply and Services Canada
Duffy, Richard 1982 Ducal/Ragweed
Drache, Arthur B.C. 1982 McClelland & Stewart
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Coltman, Michael M. 1982 International Self-Counsel Press
Binhammer, H.H. 1982 Methuen Publications
1981 James Lorimer & Co.
Anderson, John C., and Morley Gunderson 1982 Addison-Wesley
Steeves, Rosie 2010 Jossey-Bass
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Wright, Richard W. 1984 The Institute for Research on Public Policy
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Morton, Desmond, with Terry Copp 1984 Deneau