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Title Author Year Publisher
1982 Clarke Irwin
Dagg, Mel 1982 Westlands Book Express
Smyth, Donna E. 1982 Women's Educational Press
Kroetsch, Robert 1981 Theytus Books
Mitchell, W.O. 1984 Macmillan of Canada
Levine, Norman 1984 Penguin Books Canada
Smurthwaite, Nick 1984 Stoddart
Shakespeare, William 1985 Eden Press
Shakespeare, William 1985 Eden Press
MacEwen, Gwendolyn 1985 Coach House Press
McCullough, Helen 1985 PaperJacks
Long, Cynthia 1985 McClelland & Stewart
Hoolaeff, Nila 1984 Doorway to Creative Cuisine Publishing
Scott, Jay 1985 Oxford University Press
1987 Quarry Press and CBC Enterprises
Stern, Bonnie 1987 Random House of Canada
Dubrulle, Pierre 1986 Centax of Canada
1986 Nightwood Editions
Helwig, David. 1994 Oberon Press
Itani, Frances. 1994 Oberon Press
Helwig, David. 1993 Oberon Press
Paci, F.G. 1993 Oberon Press
Laing, Bonnie. 1992 Oberon Press
Shaw, Joan Fern. 1991 Oberon Press
Pinder, Leslie Hall. 1990 Lester & Orpen Dennys