The CKFM Bonnie Stern Cookbook


192 pages
Contains Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-394-22022-1
DDC 641





Reviewed by Susan Patrick

Susan Patrick is a librarian at Ryerson Polytechnical University.


Bonnie Stern has operated a cooking school in Toronto since 1973, has written three previous cookbooks, and is highly regarded in culinary circles. This book was produced in conjunction with Toronto radio station CKFM (where she has a weekly radio spot) and part of the proceeds is being donated to the CKFM Children’s Fund in support of the Hospital for Sick Children.

The collection of recipes presented here is an eclectic one of contemporary international gourmet dishes, including many Chinese, Cajun, and barbeque specialties (such as Steamed Salmon and Ginger with Black Bean Sauce, and Voodoo Chicken with Cornbread Stuffing). Appetizers through desserts are contained in the contents, with sweets and chocolate dishes strongly represented, and the recipes are interesting and out of the ordinary, generally concentrating on fresh natural ingredients. An added feature is the section of easy recipes for children, which includes the classic wacky cake and novel items like a cake which is designed to resemble a garnished hamburger.

The typesetting is clear and attractive, and the instructions are listed in easy-to-follow steps, with line drawings to illustrate some of the techniques. There is an excellent comprehensive index (which many cookbooks lack) listing all dishes and major ingredients in one straight alphabetical index. With its new and different recipe ideas, this book is a welcome addition to the kitchen bookshelf.



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