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Title Author Year Publisher
Dowell, Jack 1985 Lancelot Press
Friesen, Patrick, Michael D.C. McKinlay, Lyle Victor Albert, Murray McRae, Nick Mitchell 1987 Playwrights Union of Canada
Govier, Katherine 1987 Penguin Books Canada
Hollingsworth, Margaret 1985 Coach House Press
Jiles, Paulette 1986 Talon Books
Kerslake, Susan 1984 Ragweed Press
Lavington, H. "Dude" 1982 Sono Nis Press
Lawrence, R.D. 1984 Totem Books
Malarek, Victor 1984 Macmillan of Canada
O'Sullivan, Sean, with Rod McQueen 1986 Key Porter Books
Somers-Armstrong, Frances 1984 Wood Lake Books
Stone, Ted. 1990 Western Producer Prairie Books
Stowe, Leland 1982 Stoddart
1990 Turnstone Press
1985 Cappis Press
1984 Coteau Books
1984 Theytus Books
1984 Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina