Wild Oat Symposium: Proceedings, Volume 2; Use and Mode of Action of Wild Out Herbicides


90 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-88977-032-8




Edited by Allan E. Smith and Andrew I. Hsiao

Rosalie I. Tennison is Editor of Communicator Magazine.


This second volume continues the reports printed in Wild Oat Symposium Proceedings (Canadian Plains Research Center, 1983) following the Regina symposium in October 1983. While the first volume of reports dealt with the biology of the weed species. this new publication focuses solely on the methods of control.

Reports are provided on POAST, Carbyne, and Avenge as well as other herbicides recommended for wild oat control. The action of these chemicals is described in detail and also their recommended uses. One too-short piece is included on user safety when handling herbicides.

The second volume, although half the size of the first, is much more valuable for the farmer. While the first went into technical detail about the weed, the second is more concerned with the practical issue of types of control — an issue of greater concern to the producer.

Some of the reports deal comprehensively with the make-up of the chemical, but there is also practical information on application and which chemicals are best for each field circumstance. Therefore, this second volume from the Wild Oat Action Committee will be of more universal interest to anyone who has contact with the weed.


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