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Title Author Year Publisher
Vernon, Caitlyn 2011 Orca
Menzies, Heather 1982 James Lorimer & Co.
Godfrey, David, and Sharon Sterling 1982 Press Porcepic
Frank, Mark 1982 Prentice-Hall Canada
Dirksen, P.H., and J.W. Welch 1982 WATFAC
Cowan, D.D., and M.J. Shaw 1982 WATFAC
Boswell, F.D. 1982 WATFAC
Bleackley, Beverley J., and Jean LaPrairie 1982 Book Society of Canada
Wright, Peter 1982 Prentice-Hall Canada
Penrose, Gordon 1982 Greey de Pencier Books
Hardy, Ralph, and others 1982 John Wiley & Sons Canada
Bailey, Lydia 1982 Annick Press
Andrews, G.C., A.M. Hale, and G.F. Pearce 1982 Sandford Educational Press
1982 James Lorimer & Co.
Westland, Pamela 1982 Prentice-Hall Canada
Steen, David 1982 Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Robinson, Ian 1982 Centre for Resource Studies, Institute of Intergovernmental Relations
Reynolds, Gail, and Thomas F. Hanley 1982 Health Canada
Pollard, Douglas C. 1982 Highway Book Shop
Parsonson, Lesley 1982 Western Producer Prairie Books
1982 Copp Clark Pitman
Morgentaler, Henry 1982 General Publishing
Morgan, Robert F., with Jane Wilson 1982 Methuen Publications
McInnes, J.M., and J.A. Treffry 1982 University of Toronto Press
Mann, Jim, and the Oxford Dietetic Group 1982 Prentice-Hall Canada