A Dieter's Workbook


ISBN 0-88954-260-0





Reviewed by Toby Rupert

Toby Rupert was a librarian living in Toronto.


This is an attempt to organize and to plan “whatever works best for you,” no matter which dieting method is used to lose weight. It attempts to systematize the art of losing weight (and keeping it off) by guiding dieters to both improve their eating habits and increase their physical activity. As such, most of it is common sense: exercise and natural food components of the four basic groups (milk products, vegetables and fruit, meat and alternates, and cereals).

Other sections provide dietary suggestions for weight control, exercise suggestions, and advice on how to eliminate the pitfalls of not sticking to a plan. As the major aid to the plan, this workbook consists mainly of ruled sheets under various headings such as “what affected my body today” (types of exercise patterns, calorie counts, nature of food eaten) and “ways to improve my body lifestyle” (writing down points that you might have discovered through the media or through friends, such as new recipes, substitutions, ideas, news, clippings). This book has good value in the stress on getting organized and getting started. But it is definitely a workbook and it might be more suitable for home purchase than for library purchase.


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