Waterloo microCOBOL: Tutorial and Reference Manual


343 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-919884-29-3





Charles R. Crawford, a former associate professor of computer science at
York University, is a computer programming and mathematics consultant in


This work is another in the WATFAC series of books from Waterloo Computing Systems Ltd. Like the previous books on microPASCAL, microBASIC and microFORTRAN, this one provides a tutorial-style introduction followed by a complete description of the language.

This is more a reference book than a textbook, for even the tutorial section assumes some knowledge of computers. This section presents a set of carefully chosen examples which explain how this language can be used to solve familiar programming problems. Each example illustrates a particular feature of the language, and the authors rely somewhat on the readers’ experience with similar features of other programming languages.

This book would be of particular interest to users of the Waterloo microCOBOL system as well as to prospective buyers of that system.


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