Made in Manitoba: An Anthology of Short Fiction


256 pages
ISBN 0-88801-145-8
DDC C813'.010897127





Edited by Wayne Tefs

Rosalie I. Tennison is Editor of Communicator Magazine.


Made in Manitoba is an eclectic collection of stories by a variety of
Manitoba writers. Tefs has chosen wisely to provide the reader with a
broad perspective of the type of writing that has come out of this
province in the past 20 or 30 years.

There are wonderful stories by Margaret Laurence and Gabrielle Roy that
show why they are considered to be two of the best storytellers in
Canada. In addition, there are some delightful contributions by the new
class of writers who reside in Manitoba.

Armin Wiebe’s “Boss in the House” and Don Bailey’s “Ceremony
of the Child” are two terrific stories that blend tradition with the
new order to show the reader modern life. “The Bicyclist,” by Ed
Kleiman, is a wonderful story about a simple man who is not really so
simple. Tefs includes one of his own stories, “Red Rock and After,”
which turns out to be a good solid family tale.

This anthology has its questionable entries but, short-story
appreciation being a personal thing, they may nevertheless find a
readership. A reader who is interested in a sample of what Manitoba
writers are offering should pick up this book. It is, perhaps, the best
anthology to come out of this province in many years.


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