Cry Wild


146 pages
ISBN 0-00-222645-6





Rosalie I. Tennison is Editor of Communicator Magazine.


The story of Silverfeet, the wolf-hero, in Cry Wild is sympathetic and riveting. R.D. Lawrence has fashioned a nature story in the tradition of Charles G.D. Roberts’s Red Fox (Puffin Books, 1976). It is an insightful book about the life of the wolf, a traditionally misunderstood animal. The story also provides glimpses of the habits of other wild animals. Man’s insensitivity to the ways of the wild is also well illustrated.

Cry Wild wasoriginally published in 1970; this new addition by Totem Books should be welcome in the library of any nature lover. In over a decade the book has not become dated; it remains fresh, a true test of a classic. The cover illustration, by artist Gary Low, wonderfully gives an accurate picture of what Silverfeet may look like.

This is an excellent story and guide to the wilderness. It should grace school and library shelves. It is well written and accurate. Cry Wild is an adventure story in the true sense of the phrase; what could be more adventurous than the struggle to survive in nature? The book depicts the delicate balance that exists in forest life, and particularly in the life of the much-feared wolf.



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