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Title Author Year Publisher
1985 Anglican Book Centre
1984 Anglican Book Centre
Clarke, Ronald 1984 Anglican Book Centre
Gosselin, Luc 1982 Black Rose Books
Reed, Donn 1982 Brook Farm Books
Deshusses, Jerome 1982 Deneau
MacDonald, Andy 1985 Doubleday Canada
1984 Doubleday Canada
1984 Doubleday Canada
Watt, J. Robert 1987 G.R. Welch Company
McNicoll, Andre 1982 Griffin House
Gould, Allan, and Danny Siegel 1982 Hurtig
Bender, Urie, A. 1984 Hyperion Press
Te Paske, Bradley A. 1982 Inner City Books
Edinger, Edward F. 1986 Inter City Books
Dunlop, Marilyn 1985 Irwin Publishing
Fotheringham, Allan 1982 Key Porter Books
Andrews, Elias 1985 Lancelot Press
Bumsted, J.M. 1984 Lancelot Press
Drysdale, I. Gordon 1984 Lancelot Press
Perkin, J.R.C. 1982 Lancelot Press
1984 Lester & Orpen Dennys
Bickerstaff, Isaac 1982 Lester & Orpen Dennys
Trueman, Stuart 1984 McClelland & Stewart
Russell, Paul, and Robert Jeffrey 1984 Methuen Publications