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Title Author Year Publisher
Dobell, Miriam 1982 Anglican Book Centre
Kitchen, K.A. 1982 Benben Publications
Fisher, Joe 1984 Collins
Fisher, Joe. 1990 Doubleday Canada
Davis, Eldon S. 1990 Gai-Garet Design & Publication
MacIntire, Cord 1984 Hancock House
Anderson, Frank W. 1990 Hancock House Publishers
Robinson, Spider 1982 Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada
Epp, Margaret A. 1990 Kindred Press
Bauchman, Rosemary 1982 Lancelot Press
Cooke, Maurice B. 1990 Marcus Books
Stayer, James M. 1991 McGill-Queen's University Press
1990 Seal Books
Clay, Colin 1987 Trinity Press
Kallmann, Helmut 1987 University of Toronto Press
Idris, Youssef. 1991 York Press