The Aquarian Wave: A Prophetic Handbook for the '90s


84 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-919951-01-5
DDC 133.3





Reviewed by J.B. Snelson

J.B. Snelson is a librarian, bibliographer, and (antiquarian) bookstore
owner in Wolfville.


Recently, David Ulansey published a study of the religious and
philosophical movements created or greatly influenced by the discovery
of equinoxes’ progression. This progression means, among other things,
that over time the sun seems to be against a different background of
stars at the same time of year. If the position of the stars is
important in human affairs, this slow shift will have very important
consequences for humankind. Not long before this progession was
discovered, the sun rose in Taurus at the spring equinox; a century
before Christ (when the discovery was made) it was rising in Pisces.
Now, it rises at the edge of Pisces, and will within a century be rising
in Aquarius. Just as the world recently moved from a “Taurine Age”
to a “Piscean Age,” we are now in that hazy astrological area where
the “Piscean Age” is ending and an “Aquarian Age” is beginning.

Cook’s volume is an attempt to determine what this shift means. He
indicates some areas where one might expect to see changes in attitudes
or actions. In this, it is no different from other volumes now coming
out. Nor are Cooke’s prophecies out of line with what others are
predicting. He looks at the effects on society as a whole rather than on
the individual. (Any view of the progression considers the effects on
society more than on individuals.) However, whereas the early part of
the book fits the standard description well, the latter parts do not.
His early chapters are divided into contrasts between each age’s
attitude and two sorts of prophecies (those bound to occur and those
likely, but less certain); his later chapters abandon this plan for a
less clear format leaving one to wonder what is prediction and what
merely wishful thinking.

This slight volume has not much to recommend it. Still, I suspect there
will be the odd devil that likes it.


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