Forecasting Your Future: Your Daily Cycle Guide for 1985


294 pages
ISBN 0-88839-991-X





Reviewed by J.B. Snelson

J.B. Snelson is a librarian, bibliographer, and (antiquarian) bookstore
owner in Wolfville.


There are probably few things of such perennial interest as the future, particularly one’s personal future. Much of the surviving material from ancient Babylon and the dawn of civilization deals with this subject. If anything has changed over the millennium, it is the means rather than the desire to know what is in store for one. Unfortunately, most methods either do not work or work only in special circumstances. The daily horoscopes in the papers, for instance, deal with only one of many astrological factors and thus tend to be just slightly less inexact than pure chance. Complete horoscopes, various forms of psychic readings, palmistry, tea leaves, and other forms tend to be either very expensive (if done in enough detail to be worth anything) or so general as to be virtually useless.

Alfred J. Parker, of Vancouver, and separately the Washington team of Dakin and Dewey found a cyclic feature in events that has been very useful in predicting economic and social events. The problem for the individual has been to determine where in the cycle he or she falls. Cord MacIntire has worked out a simple method of determining this: one need only know one’s birthday and be able to add single numbers. Using this method, MacIntire has had extremely impressive results in predicting when one would have good or bad luck, be particularly alert to bargains or opportunities, etc.

Following the simple instructions MacIntire gives, readers can find for themselves where they fall within the cycles affecting the world. The majority of the book lists what is in store for those who fit in at any of the nine points in the cycle. Many people have found this a useful way of determining the factors that can influence their day (remembering always that cycles, like the stars, may indicate but they never compel). This guide is well printed and easy to use; it should be of value to those who use it properly during the year (actually the guide runs from October 1984 to December 1985).



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