The Magnificent Bears of North America . and Where to Find Them


159 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps, Index
ISBN 0-88839-494-2
DDC 599.78'097





Reviewed by Peter Harmathy

Peter Harmathy teaches fine arts in Victoria, B.C.


Keith Scott is a self-proclaimed eccentric and bear maniac who has
sought out remote areas for wildlife encounters. The former professional
basketball player and fish guardian now gives slideshows and talks at
schools and public gatherings. He has written eight books on bears and
other wildlife, two of which are covered in this review. He has also
produced five videos.

In The Magnificent Bears of North America, Scott provides essential
information on black, grizzly, and polar bears. The remainder of the
book details his travels and close encounters with bears throughout
North America, including some highly remote areas such as Kodiak and
Admiralty Islands in Alaska. The final chapter deals with bear safety
precautions. The Great Bears of Hyder, Alaska and Stewart, B.C. is a
slimmer volume dealing specifically with black and grizzly bears of this
locale. Both books contain countless “one-of-a-kind” photographs of
bears and scenery, with the latter book containing more photographs than

Scott’s books are unassuming, heartfelt, and full of whit, charm, and
character. Most of his text seems to be drawn from his diaries and,
therefore, has the feel of immediacy and intimacy with nature, complete
with grammatical errors. We are fortunate to have an amateur like Scott
who can describe his extraordinary encounters with these magnificent
animals in such a compelling way.


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