The Canadian Cycling Association's Complete Guide to Bicycle Touring in Canada


400 pages
Contains Photos, Maps, Index
ISBN 0-385-25415-6
DDC 796.6'4'0971





Reviewed by Glynn A. Leyshon

Glynn A. Leyshon is a professor of physical education at the University
of Western Ontario, a former weekly columnist for the London Free Press,
and author of 18 Sporting Stories.


Into 400 pages, Katz has crammed 125 cycling tours covering 10 provinces
plus the Yukon. These tours range from single-day outings to those of
several weeks’ duration, beginning in B.C. and ending in Newfoundland.
It is even possible to string them together so that the last trip in one
province joins the first in the next, allowing one to proceed from coast
to coast.

All the information that the cycling tourist could need is here:
length, time, rating (easy, difficult), terrain, road type, and expected
traffic. The two-day Long Beach route on Vancouver Island, for example,
is rated as “challenging,” with the terrain “mountainous.” Also
included are maps with such pertinent features as campgrounds, hostels,
parks, and ferries. There are chapters on purchasing or renting a bike
as well as on how to equip oneself for touring. Of added interest is a
section on health and safety, which provides tips on food, drink, and
how to cope with the nemesis of urban cyclists (the dog). Advice is also
given on the bane of rural cyclists (the bear).

This well-organized book will inspire readers to become reacquainted
with the old velocipede.


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