Ontario Hydro at the Millennium: Has Monopoly's Moment Passed?


409 pages
Contains Illustrations, Maps, Bibliography
ISBN 0-7735-1426-0
DDC 333.79'32'060713




Edited by Ronald J. Daniels

Julie Rekai Rickerd is a Toronto-based broadcaster and public-relations


Confronted with escalating deficits, governments are looking to the
privatization of public institutions as one possible solution. In 1994,
the University of Toronto Electric Power Project—made up of academics
from a wide range of disciplines—was established to study the
implications of restructuring Ontario Hydro.

The enterprise led to this fascinating and timely collection of 10
essays in which experts explore Ontario’s options from a variety of
perspectives—structural, legal, environmental, financial, management,
and labor. Also addressed are the pros and cons of competition,
distribution, and marketability.

The lay reader will appreciate this book’s clarity and user-friendly
style. For the professional, the book represents a perfect case study of
the advantages and disadvantages of public vs. private enterprise.


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