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Title Author Year Publisher
Maillet, Antonine 1979 Simon & Pierre
1984 Harbour Publishing
Blais, Marie-Claire 1984 Signal Editions
Beaulieu, Michel 1984 Exile Editions
Renaud, Jacques 1984 Guernica Editions
Poulin, Gabrielle 1984 Oberon Press
Ferron, Jacques 1984 House of Anansi Press
Ferron, Jacques 1984 Exile Editions
Collette, Jean Yves 1984 Guernica Editions
Cabot, Denys 1984 Oberon Press
Carrier, Roch 1984 House of Anansi Press
Sass, Gregory 1985 The Porcupine's Quill
Marchessault, Jovette 1985 Women's Press
Mallett, Marilu 1985 Véhicule Press
Gallant, Mavis 1985 Macmillan of Canada
Young, Patricia 1985 Ragweed Press
Tostevin, Lola Lemire 1985 Longspoon Press
Rogers, Linda 1985 Sono Nis Press
Melançon, Robert 1985 Signal Editions
Haeck, Philippe 1985 Guernica Editions
Garneau, Michel 1985 Signal Editions
1985 Les editions Guernica
Brault, Jacques 1985 Exile Editions
Stratford, Philip 1986 ECW Press
Smith, Donald 1986 House of Anansi Press