Strategic Marketing for the Digital Age: Grow Your Business with Online and Digital Technology


252 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-00-255433-X
DDC 658.8'00285





Reviewed by Kelly Peters

Kelly Peters is executive producer of several major Web sites, including
CANOE; she is also an information consultant specializing in the


While the Internet has captured the attention of many people who are
looking at new marketing tools, faxes, CD-ROMS, 1–900 numbers, and
other tools can also contribute to an integrated digital strategy. This
book examines the Strategic Digital Marketing (SDM) model, which is
designed to strengthen resistance to “marketing technopia,” the
seductive dazzle of the latest gadgets and gizmos that can cause a
business to lose sight of what is important: the customer. The maze of
push-button options a customer faces when trying to speak to a company
representative by phone is an example of how technology can interfere
with quality customer service. Even readers with limited computer
experience will be inspired by this book to imagine creative
applications of technology not possible today.

While the layperson is assisted by a quick introduction to the basics,
the information technologist will be frustrated by the book’s limited
number of case studies and by its presentation of technology as a tool
that is simple to implement. Strategic Marketing for the Digital Age is
long on technological vision but short on the detail necessary for
realizing that vision.


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