The Structure of Canadian Government


472 pages
ISBN 0-7715-5600-4





Reviewed by J.L. Granatstein

J.L. Granatstein is a history professor at York University and author of
War and Peacekeeping and For Better or For Worse.


This is a revision of a standard textbook first issued in 1971. Mallory is one of the distinguished figures in Canadian political science, and his book continues to be a very useful, if somewhat orthodox, treatment of the basics of Canadian government.

The revisions are more to detail than to the book’s organization and structure. The chapter headings remain the same as in the 1971 edition, and most of the subheadings similarly have survived intact. There are references in notes to new books, but the choice of citations is sometimes peculiar, and the best available book is not always used. Those are qualifications that take away something from the utility of the book, but not very much. This book will still be a handy — and well-written — guide to the organization and structure of government in this country, something of value to every student, journalist, and citizen.


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