Glossary of Baseball Terms: English-French, French-English


220 pages
ISBN 0-88794-150-8





Reviewed by Glynn A. Leyshon

Glynn A. Leyshon is a professor of physical education at the University
of Western Ontario, a former weekly columnist for the London Free Press
and author of 18 Sporting Stories.


This slim volume by Dallaire is certain to be a boon to baseball writers covering Montreal Expos’ games. The author is well qualified to undertake such a book, having been, among other things, editor of the French Television Newsroom for the CBC, a reporter, a public relations officer, and an official translator for the French Linguistics and Translation Department of Montreal.

Set in alphabetical order in both languages, this book contains better than 1,400 entries from “accident” to “yield.” (The ominous term “amorti” for bunt comes as a jolt.) The information, of course, is useful not only to reporters, but to linguists, baseball fans, and sports buffs as well. The book is truly a “coup de circuit de la victoire” (game winning homer).


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