Canada's Billion Dollar Pension Scandal: How Secure Is Your Future?


152 pages
Contains Bibliography
ISBN 0-458-99610-6




Edited by Tom Delaney
Reviewed by Stephen J. Kees

Stephen J. Kees was Chief Librarian, Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology, Welland, Ontario.


It is the hope of most of us that when we retire from work our income from our pension or pensions will be enough to maintain a similar standard of living. It is the belief of Earle Beattie, a journalist who has been assisted by a well-known financial consultant, that for many reasons this desirable condition may not be reached. He details a number of reasons why this may not be possible.

That there is a foundation to these concerns is shown by the introduction of a federal government bill in December 1985 to remedy some of the concerns set out in this book. However, some of the problems mentioned here have not yet been addressed, so there is still a need for them to be considered by all who are concerned with these matters. Since many of the terms used by the experts may not be familiar, there is a glossary to assist the reader and there is also a list of references to other relevant reports and documents.


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