Starting a Successful Business in Canada


171 pages
ISBN 0-88908-640-0





Reviewed by Peter Strathy

Peter Strathy is Vice-President Planning, Doctors’ Hospital, Toronto.


This is the ninth edition of a work initially published in 1973. The format and content are quite similar to earlier editions. Changes include the deletion of the chapter on homework, the addition of new chapters on computers and cash management, and the revision of the section on tax laws.

The author is well qualified to write on small business ownership and management. In addition to completion of his MBA and LLB degrees, his career has focused upon small business operation and advisory services to small business operators.

The book includes chapters on a wide range of small business topics — getting started, forms of ownership, financial forecasting, sales and marketing, and so forth. The emphasis is really more on operating an on-going business than on start-up alone. Each chapter is broken down into small topical sections and the format is that of a brief description or instruction, pointer, tip and/or advice. Appendices contain lists of useful reference material and a directory on useful names and addresses.

This work is directed to members of the general public who lack formal business training. It serves as a useful introduction to small business management, providing brief reference type information on a wide range of business subjects. However, the many topics and sub-topics are not treated in depth and readers needing more comprehensive or detailed information will want to consult other sources. For example, the chapter on franchising is brief and refers the reader to a complete book on the subject.

This book will most interest owner-operators of small businesses, providing them with many simple and helpful suggestions for more effective and efficient operation. Libraries might prefer to hold works which offer greater depth on specific business topics.


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