Financial Freedom on $5 a Day: A Step-By-Step Strategy for Small Investors


170 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-88908-613-3




Reviewed by Ingrid vonHausen

Ingrid conHausen was a librarian in New Hamburg, Ontario.


Chakrapani is managing director of Applied Marketing Statistics, past president of the Professional Marketing Research Society, and Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. He is also a keen private investor. In his book, Chakrapani details his investment strategies. His purpose is “to help the small investor ... to become financially free over a period of time ... A special feature of this book is to show you exactly how to carry out the suggestions.” Here the timid investor is shown how to save money for the first investments; how to earn interest and more interest; how to invest in stocks and bonds in Canada and internationally; how to tackle gold and silver. Later chapters offer ways to earn more by investing in preferred stocks, commodities, real estate, etc. Information on tax shelters and Swiss bank accounts is included. Names and addresses are given throughout as well as in a separate section at the end.

The author offers all this very practical advice, step-by-step, in clear, simple language. Large print, varied type, and point-form organization make it very readable. He makes no exaggerated claims; there are no gimmicks and no get-rich-quick schemes. Using the author’s strategy, the small investor can methodically increase his on her net worth.


Chakrapani, C., “Financial Freedom on $5 a Day: A Step-By-Step Strategy for Small Investors,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed June 14, 2024,