The Old Dance: Love Stories of One Kind or Another


350 pages
ISBN 0-919926-56-8





Edited by Bonnie Burnard
Reviewed by Lore Hoar

Lore Hoar is an information consultant living in Calgary.


This collection of stories examines love from the viewpoints of 30 Prairie writers. Many of the writers included have established reputations as story tellers and have books of their own. Some are new writers whose books are still to be presented for public scrutiny. Each has created vivid characters and complex situations which invite readers into the lives of people trying to make love work.

There are as many approaches to love in this book as there are stories: bar room passion, the simple regard of friendship, escape from a ménage a trois, middle-aged fantasy, incest. Each writer will convince you in a different way. The components of love — hope, anger, jealousy, lust, compassion, fear, and laughter — are all here. These are clear-eyed examinations of love, coupled with exceptional story-telling skills. Some stories draw attention to themselves because of their craftsmanship; some because of an unusual perspective; some because they expose shades of love which we could more easily live without. These expressions of love are daringly unique and quietly conventional.


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