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Title Author Year Publisher
1987 Mosaic Press
1987 Key Porter Books
1987 Key Porter Books
Tremblay, Michel 1986 Talon Books
1986 Coach House Press
1987 NeWest Publishers
Mullaly, Edward 1987 Fiddlehead Poetry Books and Goose Lane Editions
Mercer, Michael 1986 Talon Books
McMaster, Beth 1986 Simon & Pierre
McMaster, Beth 1986 Simon & Pierre
Krizanc, John 1987 Playwrights Canada Press
Graves, Warren, Suzanne Finlay, John Lazarus, and Colleen Curran 1987 Playwrights Canada Press
Friesen, Patrick, Michael D.C. McKinlay, Lyle Victor Albert, Murray McRae, Nick Mitchell 1987 Playwrights Union of Canada
Frick, N. Alice 1987 Canadian Stage & Arts Publications
Filewod, Alan 1987 University of Toronto Press
Ducharme, Rejean 1986 Exile Editions
1987 Talon Books
Bodyan, Jesse Glenn 1986 Playwrights Canada Press
1987 Quarry Press and CBC Enterprises
Yates, J. Michael 1987 Pulp Press Book Publishers
Tucker, Orto 1987 Harry Cuff Publications
Troendle, Yves 1987 Nietzsche's Brolly
Thomas, Audrey 1986 Penguin Books Canada
Skvorecky, Josef 1987 Lester & Orpen Dennys
Skelton, Robin 1987 The Porcupine's Quill