Hiking in Bear Country


152 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps
ISBN 1-55109-110-0
DDC 599.74'446






Reviewed by Patrick Colgan

Patrick Colgan is the executive director of the Canadian Museum of
Nature in Ottawa.


Here is a zesty book from a contagiously eager hiker appropriately known
as “the bear man.” The foreword by Scott’s son and his own
introduction relate Scott’s passion for bears and for nature in
general. An overview of bear species is followed by the author’s
accounts of hiking in various locations in pursuit of black, grizzly,
and polar bears. His travels have produced some uncomfortably close
encounters with bears (out of some of which he literally talked his
way), as well as occasional altercations with park officials over
camping standards, access to areas, public information, and incidents
(some fatal). These interesting and highly personal accounts reflect
Scott’s enthusiasm for nature and loathing of pollution and hunting.
Safety rules for hiking are provided in the closing chapter. The text is
well illustrated with drawings, maps, and color photographs. Everyone
interested in hiking, bears, and nature will be fascinated by this book.


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