My Breasts, My Choice: Journeys Through Surgery


172 pages
Contains Photos, Bibliography
ISBN 1-894549-23-6
DDC 6181'9059





Reviewed by Lisa Steele

Lisa Steele is a teacher in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.


In My Breasts, My Choice, 10 Canadians from all walks of life provide
engaging and engrossing first-hand accounts of their experiences with
breast cancer and the reasons they turned to surgery as a treatment
option. The book also has information for transsexuals and men with
gynaecomastia, something not commonly found. Articles in the last
quarter of the book cover pre- and post-operation concerns.

The personal stories were first seen as part of a photographic exhibit
called My Breast, My Choice: a photographic installation. Each personal
story includes a variety of beautifully shot black-and-white
photographs. The stories are as real as the scars depicted in the
photos. Many explore the after-effects of surgery and offer advice on
dealing with cosmetic surgeons. My Breasts, My Choice should be read by

who is considering breast surgery for any reason.


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