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Title Author Year Publisher
Morgentaler, Henry 1982 General Publishing
MacIntosh, Olding C. 1982 Eden Press
1982 Canadian Government Publishing Centre, Supply and Services Canada
Gentles, Ian 1982 Anglican Book Centre
Donson, Alexandra 1982 Fforbez
1981 Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Bliss, Michael 1982 McClelland & Stewart
Glasspool, Michael 1984 Prentice-Hall Canada
Glaser, Frederick B., and others 1984 Addiction Research Foundation
Fine, Judylaine 1984 Kids Can Press
Coope, Jean 1984 Prentice-Hall Canada
Spinks, Sarah 1985 Doubleday Canada
Shute, Evan 1985 Welch Publishing
Poch, David I. 1985 Doubleday Canada
Hamowy, Ronald 1984 The Fraser Institute
Gifford-Jones, W. 1985 Methuen Publications
Elkins, Valmai Howe 1985 Lester & Orpen Dennys
Dunlop, Marilyn 1985 Irwin Publishing
DeMatteo, Bob 1985 NC Press
Crawford, Irene 1985 International Self-Counsel Press
Bigelow, W.G. 1984 McClelland & Stewart
Barrington, Eleanor 1985 NC Press
Roy, David J., and Maurice A.M. De Wachter 1986 The Institute for Research on Public Policy
O'Malley, Martin 1986 Macmillan of Canada
1986 The Institute for Research on Public Policy, in co-operation with the Canadian Medical Association