Wild Theatre: The History of One Yellow Rabbit


400 pages
Contains Photos, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-920159-97-4
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Reviewed by David E. Kemp

David E. Kemp, a former professor of drama at Queen’s University, is
the author of The Pleasures and Treasures of the United Kingdom.


Wild Theatre is the lively and irreverent story of English Canada’s
One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Company. Beginning with the company’s
formation in 1982, the book explores more than two decades of daring
experiments, national controversy, and international success.

What is wild theatre? In a chapter titled “The Emergence of Wild
Theatre in Canada,” Ken Gass, founder of the Factory Theatre in
Toronto, describes it as a form that remains untamed, bowing neither to
classic traditions nor to contemporary theatre fashion. Wild theatre
breaks all the rules, shifts ground on impulse, and requires directors
willing to trust their intuition.

Martin Morrow, an award-winning writer and arts journalist, has
followed the development of the One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Company from
its earliest days. His excellent study of the company is lively,
informative, and replete with insights into the creative process.


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