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Title Author Year Publisher
Foon, Dennis 1982 Pulp Press
Deverell, Rex 1982 Coteau Books
Lee, Betty 1982 Simon & Pierre
Tremblay, Michel 1984 Talonbooks
1984 Borealis Press
Murphy, Arthur L. 1984 Lancelot Press
1984 NeWest Press
1985 Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Grevin, Jacques 1985 Dovehouse Editions Canada
Bernini, Gian Lorenzo 1985 Dovehouse Editions Canada
Cowie, Victor, and Victor Davies 1984 Turnstone Press
Stratton, Allan 1986 Playwrights Union of Canada
Moher, Frank 1986 Playwrights Union of Canada
Foster, Norm 1986 Playwrights Union of Canada
1986 NeWest Press
Tremblay, Michel 1986 Talon Books
Graves, Warren, Suzanne Finlay, John Lazarus, and Colleen Curran 1987 Playwrights Canada Press
Filewod, Alan 1987 University of Toronto Press
1987 Talon Books
Brinkman, Baba 2006 Talonbooks
Hodkinson, Yvonne. 1991 Black Rose Books
Lewis, Amanda, and Tim Wynne-Jones. 1994 Kids Can Press
Currie, Robert. 1992 Coteau Books
Morrissey, Kim. 1992 Coteau Books
Kerr, Don. 1992 Coteau Books