Mental Fitness for Life: 7 Steps to Healthy Aging


256 pages
Contains Bibliography, Index
ISBN 1-55263-236-9
DDC 613.0438





Reviewed by Jane Heath

Jane Heath teaches psychology at Ryerson University in Toronto.


This engaging book is based on a lively mixture of recent academic
research, motivational literature, biography, history, and the
authors’ own experience as researchers in the area of successful

The path to maximizing one’s chances of maintaining and even
increasing mental fitness with age is presented as a series of eight
steps, involving goal setting, power thinking, creativity, positive
mental attitude, memory and learning, speaking one’s mind, and mental
fitness for life. Each step is outlined in a chapter that provides
information and exercises based on using the most recent research on how
to direct individual effort most effectively toward increasing mental

In addition to information on the latest research into aging and mental
acuity, the authors provide brainteasers and various motivational
exercises aimed at increasing the odds of keeping one’s mental
abilities in optimal condition. Their informative and optimistic book
will appeal to health-conscious readers who enjoy motivational
literature and are in or approaching their senior years.


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