Celebrating Ontario


192 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 1-55041-341-4
DDC 971.3'050'0222





Julie Rekai Rickerd is a Toronto-based broadcaster and public-relations


Chinese-born Jack Chiang, a columnist and photo editor at The Kingston
Whig-Standard, has used his remarkable photographic skills to produce a
stunning tribute to Ontario and its natural, ethnic, and cultural

The book is divided into five sections representing five Ontario
regions: “Eastern,” “South Western,” “Central,”
“Northern,” and the “Greater Toronto Area.” The spectacular
colour shots speak for themselves and are simply identified according to
location. Chiang refers to them as “magic moments” frozen in time.

An interesting postscript to the work is a section titled “Photo
Introduction,” in effect a lesson for readers on how to take “better
pictures.” It features a dozen shots that highlight the various
photographic techniques Chiang uses to capture a particular moment with
his camera.

This is an exquisite collection of people, buildings, statues, nature,
wildlife, and landscapes of extraordinary composition and colour. It is
truly a visual exploration and celebration of a wonderful part of Canada
as well as an inspiration and guide to photographers-in-training.


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