The Victoria Walking Guide


62 pages
Contains Photos, Maps
ISBN 1-55110-171-8
DDC 917.11'28





Reviewed by Ann Turner

Ann Turner is the financial and budget manager of the University of
British Columbia Library.


“Pocket-sized and pocket-change-priced” characterizes these handy
paperback walking guides, each devoted to a scenic area of Vancouver or
Victoria. The False Creek and West End guides bring the Vancouver roster
to four, with earlier publications covering the East Side and
Waterfront. All the guides feature detailed street maps of the area,
with points of interest identified by number. The narrative gives
directions and enlivens the walk with historical snippets about the
architecture, shops, and street life along the way. Small
black-and-white photographs illustrate the text, and each guide
concludes with a short biography. The subjects are well chosen.
Beautiful settings and cultural diversity make both Vancouver and
Victoria wonderful cities for walking any time of year.


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