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Title Author Year Publisher
McDermott, Barb, and Gail McKeown. 1999 Reidmore Books
McDermott, Barb, and Gail McKeown. 1999 Reidmore Books
Lazarus, Eve. 2007 Anvil Press
Potter, Greg, and Red Robinson. 2004 Harbour Publishing
Bezener, Andy, Wayne Campbell, and Robin B. Bovey. 2001 Lone Pine Publishing
MacDonald, Ian, and Betty O'Keefe. 2003 Heritage House Publishing
Thirkell, Fred, and Bob Scullion. 2004 Heritage House Publishing
Leonoff, Cyril E. 1997 Talonbooks
Armitage, Doreen. 2001 Harbour Publishing
Macdonald, Ian, and Betty O'Keefe. 2000 Heritage House Publishing
Jones, Bill, and Stephen Wong. 2000 Raincoast Books
Harcourt, Mike, Ken Cameron, with Sean Rossiter. 2007 Douglas & McIntyre
Coupland, Douglas. 2000 Douglas & McIntyre
Boyd, Denny. 1995 Douglas & McIntyre
Leighton, Myriam, and Jennifer Stead. 2003 Altitude Publishing Canada
Spaner, David. 2003 Arsenal Pulp Press
Cousins, Jean, and Norman Cousins. 2002 Douglas & McIntyre
Douglas, Stan. 2002 Arsenal Pulp Press
2002 Arsenal Pulp Press
Geddes, Gary. 2007 Goose Lane Editions
Feenie, Rob. 2005 Douglas & McIntyre
2005 Douglas & McIntyre
Thirkell, Fred, and Bob Scullion. 2001 Heritage House Publishing
Bishop, John, and Dennis Green, with Dawne Gourley. 2007 Douglas & McIntyre
Meikle, Marg, and Dannie McArthur. 1999 Polestar Book Publishers