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Title Author Year Publisher
MacDonald, Graham A. 2009 AU Press
Strowbridge, Nellie P. 2009 Flanker Press
Parsons, Tony 2009 Harbour Publishing
Vogler, Stephen. 2009 Harbour Publishing
Dawson, Joan 2009 Nimbus Publishing
Belshaw, John and Diane Purvey 2009 Anvil Press
2009 University of Manitoba Press
Marty, Sid 2009 Heritage House
Fischer, George 2009 Nimbus Publishing
Bramble, Linda 2009 James Lorimer & Company
Elofson, Warren 2009 University of Calgary Press
Pole, Graeme 2009 Fifth House
Molnar, Gwendolyn Poole 2009 Flanker Press
O'Neill, Paul 2010 Flanker Press
Andrieux, J.P. 2009 Flanker Press
Taylor, C.J. 2009 First House
La Rocque, Barbara Wall 2009 Natural Heritage Books
Quan, Holly 2009 Heritage House
Freeman, Lewis 2009 Rocky Mountain Books
Cavell, Edward and John Whyte 2009 Heritage House
Mole, Rich 2009 Heritage House
Portman, Dale 2009 Heritage House
Collins, Gary 2009 Flanker Press
Stagg, Bruce 2009 Flanker Press
Underwood, Jay 2009 Railfare DC Books