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Title Author Year Publisher
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2003 Arsenal Pulp Press
2002 Arsenal Pulp Press
2002 Women's Press
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Peterkin, Allan D. 2003 Arsenal Pulp Press
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Crichlow, Wesley. 2004 University of Toronto Press
Chambers, Stuart. 2005 General Store Publishing House
Guy-Bray, Stephen. 2006 University of Toronto Press
2005 McGill-Queen's University Press
Falkon, Felix Lance. 2006 Arsenal Pulp Press
Gawthrop, Daniel. 2005 Arsenal Pulp Press
2006 Arsenal Pulp Press
Kendall, Christopher N. 2004 UBC Press
Brophy, Sarah. 2004 University of Toronto Press
2004 Anglican Book Centre
Thompson, Peter E. 2006 University of Toronto Press
Dorais, Michel, with Simon L. Lajeunesse. 2004 McGill-Queen's University Press
2003 Anglican Book Centre
2004 Canadian Plains Research Center
Galluccio, Steve. 2004 Talonbooks