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Title Author Year Publisher
Angus, Helen Y. 1982 Methuen Publications
Morrissette, George 1982 Turnstone Press
Joyce, Dianne 1982 Aya Press
Faulkner, Leigh 1982 Fiddlehead Poetry Books
Dempster, Barry 1982 Guernica Editions
Pollard, Douglas C. 1982 Highway Book Shop
Heaps, Leo 1984 Macmillan of Canada
Simmie, Lois 1984 Western Producer Prairie Books
Pare, Roger 1984 Annick Press
Halvorson, Marilyn 1984 Clarke Irwin
Corrigan, Kathy 1984 Annick Press
Christie, Kate, and Peggy Patterson 1984 James Lorimer & Co.
1984 Pottersfield Press
Copeland, Ann 1984 Oberon Press
Tihanyi, Eva 1984 Thistledown Press
Kemp, Penny 1984 Ragweed Press
Heney, Joan 1984 Lansdowne House Books
Fleck, Polly 1984 Wolsak and Wynn
Faiers, Chris 1984 Unfinished Monument Press
Barbeau, Marius 1984 Hancock House
Smith, Cathy 1984 Key Porter Books
McIntosh, Dave 1984 General Publishing
Malcolm, M.J. 1984 Western Producer Prairie Books
Farmiloe, Dorothy 1983 Tecumseh Press
1984 Dyad Services