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Title Author Year Publisher
Swede, George 1982 Columbine Editions
McLean, Jim 1982 Coteau Books
Geddes, Gary 1982 Quadrant Editions
Dyck, E.F. 1982 Turnstone Press
1982 Véhicule Press
Casto, Robert Clayton 1980 Studio Press
1984 Pulp Press Book Publishers
Hyland, Gary 1984 Coteau Books
1984 Oberon Press
Leahy, Patrick 1984 Oolichan Books
Zipper, Yaacov 1985 Mosaic Press
1985 University of British Columbia Press
1985 Polestar Press
Cook, Hugh 1985 Mosaic Press
1984 Oberon Press
Underhill, Stuart 1984 Braemar Books
Goldsmith, Oliver 1985 Lancelot Press
Burzynski, Michael 1985 Douglas & McIntyre in co-operation with Parks Canada and the Canadian Government Publishing Centre, Supply and Services Canada
1986 ECW Press
Schroeder, Andreas 1986 Doubleday Canada
1987 Mosaic Press
Buday, Grant 1987 Oolichan Books
Starkell, Don 1987 McClelland & Stewart
Hesse, Jurgen 1987 International Self-Counsel Press