«Live at 5»: The Story Behind Its Success


200 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 1-55109-412-6
DDC 791.45'72





Julie Rekai Rickerd is a Toronto-based broadcaster and public-relations


Award-winning producer/news anchor Steve Murphy has written an excellent
history of Live at 5 and the ATV Evening News, the most popular
newscasts from the Maritimes, watched by 250,000 viewers daily. He
explores the behind-the-scenes activities of the newsroom through
interviews with researchers, producers, directors, and technical staff.
The picture that emerges is not always one of agreement and cordiality.
A news team of merit works very much like a family: relationships are
interdependent, intense, and often volatile due to the different
personalities involved.

ATV is an amalgam of what used to be three CBC stations that were
consolidated by CHUM. It then became part of the CTV Network, which is
now owned by Bell Globemedia. An enthusiastic and talented staff, an
innovative approach to news delivery, in-depth commentary, and a focus
on local, national, and international issues are among the factors that
have contributed to the success of this Maritimes station. Coverage of
key events like the Westray mine tragedy, the wedding and funeral of the
Princess of Wales, and the G-7 Summit meeting in Halifax are geared to
“reflect the concerns, interests and values of the people who
watch.” Murphy’s informative and entertaining account will appeal to
general readers and news junkies alike.


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