Kill or Cure?: How Canadians Can Remake Their Health Care System


204 pages
Contains Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-00-200057-1
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Reviewed by Ian W. Toal

Ian W. Toal is a registered nurse in Barrie, Ontario.


According to Dr. Bennett, a federal MP, Canada’s health-care system is
being undermined by an inefficient use of resources rather than an
absolute lack of resources. She believes that the Canadian universal
access system needs to be “radically reformed, not abandoned.”

An example of system inefficiency can be seen in the way drugs are
prescribed and used. The pressure on physicians to use new medications
has led to a situation where drug costs now represent 15 percent of the
health-care budget (higher than physician costs); at the same time,
illness caused by inappropriate use of drugs costs the system an
estimate $7 billion dollars per year. Dr. Bennett argues that “the
best way to deliver primary care is through a team of experts working
together.” Under her recommended model, patients, family and specialty
physicians, and other health-care professionals (e.g., nurses and
occupational therapists) develop a relationship based on communication
and cooperation. Intended for the layperson, this accessible book offers
a solid examination of the health-care system and strategies for
improving it.


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