Pacific Flavours: A Guidebook and Cookbook


160 pages
Contains Maps, Index
ISBN 0-88780-511-6
DDC 641.59711




Photos by Hamid Attie

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Virginia Lee visited restaurants in Vancouver, on Vancouver Island and
the Gulf Islands, as well as in the Okanagan and Whistler to speak with
chefs and gather the information found in this combination restaurant
guide and cookbook. Selected recipes from some of British Columbia’s
finest chefs reflect the variety and quality of locally procured
ingredients as well as the influence of Pacific Rim cuisine on coastal

The text is peppered with comments from the chefs, notes about local
specialties, and cooking tips. Each page also sports stunning color
photos of B.C. scenery, kitchen gardens, and dishes featured in the
recipe collection. Unfortunately, only the recipe photos have captions
so it’s impossible to determine where many of the shots were taken (a
shame since one of the stated intentions of the book is to encourage
travel in the region).

The book concludes with a series of restaurant profiles of those dining
establishments that contributed recipes. Small, intimate eateries like
the Good Life Bookstore Café in Sooke are included right alongside such
majestic establishments as the Empress Hotel in Victoria. A map section
is provided for adventurous diners who want to sample firsthand some of
the fine menus offered by the various restaurants.

The menu selection is diverse and tantalizing (though many recipes are
not suitable for beginners). For cooks with some experience, though,
dinner guests will certainly be impressed with a serving of Almond
Ginger-Crusted Chilean Sea Bas with Orange Lime Beurre Blanc followed by
a lovely Frangelico Mousse with Champagne Sabayon.

This is a wonderful gift book for visitors who have traveled through
the region and enjoyed some of the British Columbia’s fine cuisine, or
for anyone interested in planning a trip that includes some scrumptious
culinary treats.


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