Eddie Gustafson's Guide to Christmas and Other Winter Fun


131 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 1-55050-171-2
DDC C813'.6





Julie Rekai Rickerd is a Toronto-based broadcaster and public-relations


If you liked the character of Rose and her convoluted tales of life in
St. Olaf in the television series The Golden Girls, you’ll love this
book. The “Viking” inhabitants of Littlestone, Saskatchewan
(population 86) recall the loopy characters in Rose’s
Norwegian-American community.

Brenna, an actor, writer, and head of the drama department of the
University of Saskatchewan, has been broadcasting the adventures of his
protagonist, Eddie Gustafson, on CBC Radio Saskatchewan for years. In
many instances, it helps to be of Norwegian/Viking background to fully
appreciate the ethnic idiosyncrasies and spoofs. Gustafson’s antics on
the page lack the robust humor of Brenna’s characterizations on air,
eliciting smiles and chuckles rather than belly laughs.


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