Where to Eat in Canada, 1999-2000


387 pages
Contains Maps
ISBN 0-7780-1112-7
DDC 647'.9571






Reviewed by Virginia Gillham

Virginia Gillham is university librarian at Wilfrid Laurier University.


As regular users are well aware, this annual volume has been filling a
particular niche for Canadian diners since 1971. It is most useful as a
travel guide, since it lists and describes eating establishments
(ranging from acceptable to spectacular) across the country, and is
arranged alphabetically by the name of the town or city in which the
restaurant is located. Each entry offers basic information about
location, telephone number, average costs, smoking policies, and
wheelchair access. Maps assist with the location, and the descriptions
include critical commentary on the menu, ambience, and attitudes of the

In addition to outstanding eating establishments, the book often lists
acceptable facilities; it does so because they are the best in the area,
not because they would make best of breed in a large metropolitan area.
Hardy is blunt in criticizing establishments that have positive features
but also some areas in need of attention

The organizing of establishments by geographical location has its
drawbacks for travelers who may not realize which areas are adjacent to
one another. To address this problem, the book includes geographical
cross-references and maps that identify all of the centres from which
restaurants are included. An alphabetical index by restaurant name would
be a useful addition, as would some tool for identifying new additions
and revised reviews from one year to the next. A comparative sampling of
the 29th and 30th editions reveals a significant proportion of the
entries rewritten.

Although the issue of frequency of revisits is not addressed, it seems
reasonable to assume that rewritten entries indicate reassessment. A
random sampling would seem to indicate one third or more revisited
annually. Where to Eat in Canada is a useful tool for anyone who dines
out regularly.


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