A Bird-Finding Guide to Canada. Rev. ed.


449 pages
Contains Maps
ISBN 0-7710-3219-6
DDC 598'.07'23471




Edited by J. Cam Finlay
Illustrations by Terry Thormin
Reviewed by W.J. Keith

W.J. Keith is a retired professor of English at the University of Toronto and author A Sense of Style: Studies in the Art of Fiction in English-Speaking Canada.


First published in 1984, A Bird-Finding Guide to Canada has now been
thoroughly revised. It proceeds province by province from British
Columbia to Newfoundland, and also includes sections on the Yukon,
Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. Each chapter is divided into a
number of separate sections that describe the main features and the
special birds that may be found in each area; moreover (where
necessary), directions on how to reach recommended locations are also
provided. All chapters have generally been revised—or even
rewritten—wherever possible by the original contributors. These
were—and, for the most part, are—local specialists, so experienced
birders will encounter many familiar and respected names.

There is no general index, but a specific breakdown of sections,
illustrated with a map, is presented at the beginning of each chapter.
The whole book is packed with useful information and can be warmly
recommended. It is not wholly reliable, however; I failed to reach the
Tommy Thompson Park hotline when I tried to check opening hours.


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