228 pages
ISBN 1-55152-052-4
DDC 808.83'108353





Edited by James C. Johnstone
Reviewed by Ian C. Nelson

Ian C. Nelson is assistant director of libraries at the University of
Saskatchewan, and président de la Troupe du Jour, Regina Summer Stage.


Those doubting the contemporary flowering of self-declared gaylit and
culture need only read the thumbnail sketches of the 29 authors
anthologized in this volume to revise their opinion. Unfortunately, the
editor does not share with the reader how he solicited, gathered, or
selected the pieces included in the volume. Such information would have
helped to map the gaylit landscape somewhat, since these very short
takes—flashes, Johnstone calls them—cover a wide range of styles and
approaches to an erotic genre still seeking adequate definition. In the
end, readers may have to judge their responses to these pieces—which
run the gamut from mild to very hot—on the basis of gut feeling. If
one finds something not to one’s taste, it’s easy to skip on to the
next piece.


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