West Coast Steelheader


96 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations
ISBN 0-88839-459-4
DDC 799.1'757'09711




Edited by Compiled by Mark Pendlington
Reviewed by A.J. Pell

A.J. Pell is rector of Christ Church in Hope, B.C., editor of the
Canadian Evangelical Review, and an instructor of Liturgy, Anglican
Studies Programme at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia.


This is the sort of practical fishing guide that can help anyone with a
bit of fishing experience get started fishing for steelhead, British
Columbia’s anadromous member of the rainbow trout family. Fishing
writer Barry Thornton opens with a short chapter on the life cycle of
the steelhead. Then three professional fishing guides contribute
chapters on the three most common methods used in angling for these
fish. Steve Kaye writes about artificial baits, from Jensen eggs and
yarn to spin-’n’-glows, and how to fish them. David Murphy provides
a similar chapter on natural baits, and both he and Kaye provide simple
instructions on how to cure (preserve and harden) salmon eggs for use in
fishing. Matt Guiguet teaches about trolling plugs in fast-flowing
rivers, and fly-fisher Art Lingren helps the reader understand how to
angle for steelhead with both one-handed and two-handed fly-fishing

Three things make this such a useful volume. First, it is short (it
could easily fit into a large pocket). Second, the writing is
particularly clear. And third, out of 96 pages, 32 are photographs. Some
photos portray fishers in picturesque settings, but over half are more
practical, showing all styles of bait mentioned in the text and methods
for rigging them. Pictures of key fly patterns have the tying
instructions beside each. Even experienced anglers can learn something
from this book.


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